Saturday, June 25, 2016


Flag of Macedonia.svgMacedonia,probably the country that would resist the most of joining another union.Due to its own ethnic aspirations of uniting all of Macedonia,the problems with Albanians in the west and the language differences Macedonias agenda might not be concerned about the union,but what about in a few years ? In a few years i see the problem of albanian population rising and it causing public stigma and racism brewing in the country,and ethnic tensions flaming up in the west.Also,although it is on its road to join the EU,the country is very controversial and will have an uphill battle to fight all the way.So? why would they want to join ? wellp two things that could pressure macedonians into joining the union,could be,growing bulgarian and albanian nationalism,in order to protect its own interests and having a range of countries to rely on,we think and support the macedonians in joining our union as fast as possible.

Flag of Kosovo.svg
Serbia and Kosovo situation is a delicate one,and i feel like this should be approached by respect for the both sides.I don't think Kosovo as an Albanian state would be willing to join any union with Serbia.And as we are talking about the reunification of Yugoslavia within its former borders we only feel obliged to have Kosovo as an integral part,so we have to view it from a pro-Yugoslav side.So,as we are looking not create Yugoslavia with or for future bloodshed we will view it from a rational,but a yugoslav view nonetheless.Serbia at first,its future lies with cooperation with EU,Russia and Kosovo,we feel like the primary focus with Kosovo is to police the Serb population which fled from Kosovo and getting them back to their homes safely and soundly but also protecting them in the future as well.So that maybe,just maybe in the future,Serb populations could rise and Albanian populations would fall,due to high unemployment,isil recruiting and the political turmoil which Kosovo has not been able to get out of for 8 years now.Serbia should start sponsoring people and promoting re-inhabiting the region once more and taking it back righteously and with democracy.In the future we might again reach 50%,50% odds with the Albanians,call for a EUsponsored referendum under which the region would be put back under Serb control once again.So,taking all of that into account,all other future prospects we see for Serbia are,actually not joining the EU,but freezing its accesion,and aligning more with Russia and China.Not to say that trade or anything would be less than above average with Europe,but just that it would take second part in it prioritisation.Vojvodina would become the cultural center of the nation and would strive to be on par as Slovenia and Croatia in its progress and human develovepment.So once again once Kosovo is again more Yugoslav than Albanian call for a referendum and take back control of the entity.Also a subject for discussion would also be a economic boost for the poor south,which has seen economic stagnation and birth rates drop in a faster paste than its northern counter parts,so in order to prevent foreign immigration we feel that part of the country should get extra attention of the government.All in all untill all of Serbia is under its own rulle we will not be satisfied with the unification of Former Yugoslavia. 

Montenegro,the smallest of the republics in terms of size and population,but Yugoslav nonetheless.After its independence in 2006 the country has experienced a period of economic growth and stability,even tho it parted with Serbia the countries still have a very good relationship,one which is virtualy the same with all other republics.In its foreign policy it has good ties with all the countries,especially Russia and Serbia,however it has started negotiaton talks with the EU.The country is most likely to be the next to join the EU,seeing as it has already adopted the euro as its currency,and is easier to manage and adopt the EU's requirements.The country has just recently tho experienced protest of the government and a new leader might come to lead the country in the future,a course change might also be in plans.Most of its citizens are Montenegin and Serbian ethinicities,it has also a big Bosniak population in the north of the country which might in the end influence politics within the small nation.File:Flag of Montenegro.svg

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The most war-torn entity to come out of the Yugoslav conflict,looking back at it from this point in time,most people would rather not think of a new state,but rather keep what they have now.Currently BiH is experiencing a high unemployment rate,with frustration over government and the problem of Republika Srpska the country is not looking far better then the state back when it gained independence.What i see as a possible future in BiH is not that bright,sure the country might later apply for EU membership,but certanly wouldn't be accepted before some other major players leave,and it would be more of a move to strengthen the EU by sheer numbers rather than a move to help mend the situation in BiH.As for the ethnic tensions that are still very relevant and present,i see them subsiding a bit,but still,they would be lurking in the shadows,just waiting for their opportunity to pounce and victimise one of the nationalities inhabiting the state.Republika Srpska would still be a thorn in Bosnia's eye,as it covers almost 50% of the land a bit less than half of the population it still would still have a large role to play in international as well as inside politics of the country.BiH might also start to be viewed badly in the eyes of the west,seeing as one of the larger islamic populations of Europe,ISIS might start forcing or spreading propaganda within the country.I'm not talking here that people would go of neccesarily to fight for the organisation in Syria,but rather that it could potentially serve them as a jumping board for some other locations in Europe.Tho such a bad image wouldnt be seen as a threat by Europe but also by the non-islamic peoples that live in the country,which might bring a bit of turmoil in the future.

Croatia,the country is most likely to oppose a new union due to its bad past experiences.A lot would have to happen for the goverment and the people to change their views about a possible new union.But it itself is already in a union,the EU,the Croats themselves have a very positive view of Europe and i doubt they would consider leaving it,even if some members leave,the country would stay in the union untill its dissolution.However staying in it would not be unchallanged,many parties in Croatia would start actively fighting against the membership,seeing as far more prestigous countries would have left,the government would nonetheless still maintain order and silence or pay off the oppostion voices.Croatia will see prosperity from the EU in the next few years,they would revitalise their tourism industry and agriculture would thrive in the northern panonian parts of the country.Their view of Serbs as not enemies but brothers should increase,some parts of the country would still maintain a significant percentag eof serb populations in the future,as more people would go back to their homes.The Croatia-Serbia border dispute would have to be settled,i think the flow of the Danube should be respected as a clear defining border(sorry Liberland).The country's economic rise would attract many of its emigres to come back and invest in the homeland,which would reflect positively on the countries image in the world.But as we said the EU would eventually dissapear,and with it most ties,agreements and bridges would have to be rebuilt and negotiated once more which could prove bad for the prospering nation.


Slovenia,a country of 2 milion people,an insignificant number whence u compare the to their european union friends.Slovenia's economy boomed after it gained independence,but in the last few years it started stagnating,unemployment started rising,and people took to the streets.After numerous exits of the UK,Denmark and the Netherlands,my next guess would have to be Greece and the Czech Republic(Czechia),i do think Slovenia would follow,a referendum would be organised asking people's opinion on the matter,it would just barely pass the 50% treshold needed.Normally a lot of people would be dissatisfied and would ask ''What is the alternative?'',the republic would still maintain trade and business with Europe,it would not break its cultural and economic ties to Austria,Germany and Italy and Croatia,although they would start trading a bit more with BiH and Serbia.Their poulation would become a bit less homogenous,Slovenia's would fall to the 80%,with increase of the percentage of Bosnians,Croats and Serbs,not a significant increase,but it is no secret that the small country has a higher standard of living which would inspire their southern neighbours to move there.It is also a good thing to mention that about 61% of Slovenians can understand croatian,croatian itself is very Similar to Serbian,which would make a good bridge for the future.Slovenia would still be the very well developed country it is right now,it would be a model for the other yugoslav and balkan nations to look up to.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Yugoslavia was a country that was very well connected with every country of the world,so in order to speculate on what would happen with it in the future we should as well think about the rest of the world and the politics that shape it.
 As far as economy goes i think we all know what will happen,China will take the first spot replacing the US,tho the US,EU and Russia would still be very close in terms of GDP.Group of BRICS will become a very powerfull alliance and would soon help India and Brazil into reaching top rank amond the world powers.In terms of military power,the US would still be the ''top" dog,however Russia would challenge this,threw their operations in Eastern Ukraine and in Syria.Speaking of military conflicts ISIS would be dealt within 10 years,if not sooner,with limited donations and support i think the US and Russia as well as all others opposing them would eliminate them from the power struggle,by the end of the conflict,Syria would have once again become a somewhat stable state,but the forces of Russia and the US and NATO forces would linger the area for quite some time,the conflict wouldn't have much influence for now on our future state,but the one thing the conflict would have managed to do,it is to challenge US's position,as top dog on the world stage.Moving on to the conflicts in Ukraine,Crimea already being annexed will not be covered,but the future of east ukranian pro-russian republics would depend on both Russian and Western willinges to fund their allies in that conflict,personally i'm not really sure what to think,the republics might stay independepnt or join Russia,i don't think they would rejoin Ukraine in any form tho,but again,it would prove that Russia is trying to catch up to the US in terms of power on the world stage.And finally Europe,how i see it,it would be the main player in the future of Yugoslavia,as we know Slovenia and Croatia already joined,Serbia,Montenegro,Macedonia are on their ways of negotiating a membership and BiH still not order for my scenario to work i don't hope for this,but i think that if the UK is to leave the EU it would create a very early,but a good precedent for the creation for our future nation.So as UK leaves the EU i imagine others would follow,countries like Denmark and Netherlands,the EU would be crippled,with the sitation in Greece the economy would have a tough time to recover,especially of the newly added Croatia and other east european members like  Bulgaria and Romania.Serbia's accesion to the EU would stall due to problems with compatability,such thing would also happen with Macedonia,Montengro would after some time be allowed to join the Union.Instead,as alraedy hinted Serbia might turn to Russia and China as close allies,seeing the long history with Russia and a new business venture and visit from the president of China,Serbia might turn its back on the EU.Also,I have not forgotten about the Serbia-Kosovo relations,with talks on creating a Serb autonomous union in Kosovo already under planning it seems that the small republic would gain independence,but i think it is far from it.With multiple problems of high-unemployment,brain-drainage and crime rate there would still be a milion questions to settle on,before the country could manage it self.Also before ISIS would be taken down i do suspect that at is already going on,some people of Islamic faith would go of to fight for the organisation from Kosovo,BiH,Serbia,Montenegro and Macedonia.That is all i think we should have covered in this brief statement,if you think i missed anything be sure to send me a message and i'll try and include it,in some future article.

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